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Outdoor decoration ideas - Lounge

Spring has already arrived and quarantine time has not left yet. What does this mean? Free time to make my research on all the best decoration ideas for my balcony. In this post I will be sharing my ideal combination for a small lounge outdoor area. Here you can have your coffee or drink and just relax.


Here is some background information about my usual online shopping process.

I always start with an initial idea and layout in my head. As a former project manager I will always prepare a spreadsheet where I split the products I need to purchase per area, set up a desired budget and then copy and paste all the relevant products I find. Once I buy something from my list, I highlight it as green or if I find a product that matches my need, I will set it to blue. This will help me spot the needs I haven't searched enough yet. Once I am happy with one or two different options and combinations I get ready to present them to my husband, who will always have a strong opinion on house layout and decoration and of course budget. 

And that's when the party begins! Before even completing the presentation of Option 1, he will come up with an alternative idea that will change all my previous research. The fact is that his idea will be very precise and correct, so even though I strongly want to ignore it, I can't! Consequently I have to start all over again. To be honest, given the current situation, I have plenty of time to waste in front of my pc on online shopping and Pinterest ideas, so no complaint on that. What I am mostly sad about is that my decoration ideas get unused and remain just unchecked links on my spreadsheets. 

New idea and decision made

I will be sharing my decoration ideas with you in my new blog. What a brilliant idea. This way I will rest assured that my beautiful product discoveries won't go wasted and that someone may save some time through my research. What a mind relief. I wonder if I'm the only one thinking in this way, please tell me I'm wrong, please! 


Anyways, let's get to the purpose of this post.

In today's post I will be sharing with you my most favourite product discoveries for a small lounge area. 

The concept of this collection as you can see is neutrals. I would usually go for colourful cushions and accessories, but this time not. This time, I want to make my balcony look like a beachside lounge. I want to feel like I am away from the crowded city and the apartment blocks. I want to feel the complete relaxation in this cosy and chic outdoor corner. 

Hence the main materials selected are wood, jute and rattan. The rugs, apart from being elegant, have the ability to give you a feel of the sand. Every time you walk on your balcony, you can imagine yourself walking on the beach. Barefoot of course! The fabrics chosen are neat and simple, without fringes and pompoms that remind more of autumn and winter cosy feeling. For the armchair cushions and the decorative ones, I chose neutral colours as our balcony is quite sunny. And we want the fabrics to reflect this warm feeling. However, if your space is less sunny, you could also go for a bit darker options, such as grey or brown. Here I have also added some metal elements that are necessary to avoid windy situations, such as the candle lanterns. Our apartment is in the 8th floor and it gets super windy from time to time. We don't want to have accidents with glass breaking, so the heavier the lantern, the more stable it is. Likewise the lighting and the wall elements need to be made of a safe material that won't break if it gets windy. Art posters add a beautiful touch of elegance and relaxation. Remember that they need to be framed with a non glass cover, or no cover at all. This will help avoiding sun reflection and wind accidents. If you are worried about the paper fading out due to weather changes or unexpected rain, you can always use a printable, that can be easily replaced. 

I hope you enjoy my outdoor lounge decoration ideas and my tips. Below as a reference, I have a list of the products displayed in the picture on the top of this post.  

I would like you to know that these are truly the result of my research and not a result of a partnership with any of the shops of the links below. Many of the products are based in Greece, but many are also from international companies. In any case, I hope they inspire you!

The only "ad" I could not miss is the one of my own artwork. Which in this neutrals case is an ideal match, as it adds depth and texture. Hence my list starts with it 🙂

Brown Rocks Watercolour artwork (printable and original)

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