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Solo Exhibition - Acropolis Metro Station

6-8 February 2017

Albeta Svorligkou - Home Bitter Home

After short stops in Czech Republic, Lancaster University and Madrid, Albeta settled down in London. There she worked for four years in Marketing Effectiveness field, until she felt homesick and went back home, to Greece.

However, during being in London she got inspired.

The city's lifestyle, all the different house shares she moved to, with their white walls and no hooks policies, were the trigger for an artistic expression. That's when she started painting on canvas.

The art exhibition entitled "Home Bitter Home" presents this beautiful but unbearable daily routine of London that became her dear home. 

Home Bitter Home: Text


Acrylic on Canvas
100x75 cm

In lack of
colours and decoration in my room,
view of the horizon,
smell of the sea
this painting is an effort to include all these in my bedroom.

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Acrylic on Canvas
90x70 cm

You wake up from a dream, a nightmare. You dreamt that the world is ending. Darkness is all over, you are near a dark sea and you are reaching a cliff. You feel there is nowhere to escape from. There is a lot of tension happening around you but at the same time the silence of the End is approaching.
You are now in Padstow, in Cornwall on August Bank Holiday and you find yourself looking at the exact same cliff as in your dream. All sunny and bright, with a perfect calmness of the sea breeze. The tension is now within you.

Home Bitter Home: About


Acrylic on Canvas
90x70 cm

Trying to put my thoughts in order has led me to this unexplainable blur. Myriads of thoughts and pictures were passing through my mind, same as the stars in the sky. Until you realise all this is and then stop thinking at all. Same as when you enjoy the sun's warmth while sitting on a bench on a sunny day in London.

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Acrylic on Canvas
100x70 cm

Ionian Sea. Holidays in Corfu. You sail to Lefkada. You spend the whole day under the sun, gazing at the spectacular view from the deck of the yacht. A burning sun in an incredibly blue sky and the white sail canvas. Still, there is something that troubles your peace of mind. How many weeks or days will my sun tan remain after I go back to UK? Before you realise it, you're back in London. To get over the end of "Greek summer"  depression, you try to rejoice one of the few sunny "UK summer" days. You go for a walk to the nearest area with some liquid element: The Barbican. While you think it is not that bad after all, you lay down on a bench to make some last efforts to keep your tan. The view from the bench is impressive but disappointing. It starts to drizzle. It's time to go back home.

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in the mood of love.jpg


Acrylic on Canvas Board with charcoal
51x40 cm

Life is full of colours. Sometimes bright colours, and some other times dark colours. Sometimes the colours become more intense and vivid. When you are in love, the colours become definitely more vivid, but at the same time more blurred. Can you see this clearly?

Home Bitter Home: About


Acrylic on Canvas
75x60 cm

No need to be a King or a Queen to end a game of chess. Life is short, same for everybody.

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